How do you manage security?


This is really important for us because we are working with user's websites, servers and their important data. So, here is the way we provide the security of the service.

Multilevel data protection.

WSA (Web Security Agent) uses many layers of protection when working with customer's websites and servers. First of all WSA is made as multilayer system. It consists of many independent subsystems with their own architecture, data storages and security providing methods.

So, it is the first step of how we provide a secure service to our customers. A and protected Sync File is provided to confirm customer's rights for his website, and to synchronize his website (server) to WSA anti-malware's network. This Sync File is unique to each user and allows us to work only with confirmed websites.

Encrypted connection & data transfer.

All data is transmitted and stored in an encrypted and protected form when WSA works with a customer's website and we use many techniques to encrypt when transmitting/receiving data to user's websites and servers.

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